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Why Piggybak

Recommendations from
people you know and trust


People eat out and drink out A LOT. Unfortunately, we are constantly distracted by digital noise from online rating platforms.

Piggybak helps you easily track places you love and discover recommendations from friends. Whether you’re looking for something familiar or something new, Piggybak will help you make quicker and better decisions.

How it Works

how to work
Build your rec list

Track places you love

Quickly track all of your recommendations. Choose to include photos, comments or tags to clarify exactly what you love.

Build your rec list

Connect with friends

Connect with people you know and trust so you can tap into their great experiences.

Build your rec list

Decide what you want next

Find that perfect venue with our nifty search tool. Search for and filter recommendations based on location, venue type, cuisine, occasion and more.

Build your rec list

Build your rec list and wish list

Maintain a list of places you love and places you wish to try.

Build your rec list

Credit friends whose rec assisted you

If you Piggybak on a friend's recommendation, you can credit him or her for your great experience.

About Us

Piggybak is a trusted social platform that allows you to track, organize and share great places. We love connecting dots by bringing people together in valuable, engaging and innovative ways.

We are MBAs + foodies + engineers + dog lovers + recovering lawyers + self-proclaimed social directors.


Sanjay Kotte

Founder and CEO

Banker turned entrepreneur. Homegrown in Atlanta. Loves all things consumer, social, and local. Heroes include Happy Gilmore, Chuck Vindaloo and Sting.